8/2 Thoughts on a Saturdaze

1. Walking out of the Gym with my iPod on and my jam comes on.​   2. Opening up an Amazon Prime Package that I got and I have no idea what I… Continue reading

4/26 Thoughts on a Saturdaze

1. Leaving work on a Friday. 2. When I see the sun in Chicago. 3. When I’m on facebook 4. Every time Pharrell’s “Happy” song comes on 5. As soon as anyone mentions “we… Continue reading

2/27 Thoughts on a Thursdaze

1. When someone parks so close to my car that I can barely open my door 2. When I think about my responsibilities. 3. When couples show off too much PDA 4. When… Continue reading

2/20 Thoughts on a Thursdaze

1. When Brooke tries to talk to me during Pretty Little Liars. 2. When my interviewer is meeting the other candidate 3. When I try to avoid puddles of slushy snow 4. When… Continue reading

Easy Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding!

Have you ever had Chia Seed Pudding? It’s a great alternative to oatmeal in the morning, and not to mention a superfood! Once the seeds marinate in the almond milk for about 30… Continue reading

1/30 Thoughts on a Thursdaze

1.  How I walk through the streets of Chicago. 2. When I find a new beauty product that actually works on me. 3. When someone tries to take a picture with me. 4.… Continue reading

Fashion Meets Green: The 5 Best Eco Friendly Online Shops

Here are my favorite non granola online stores to buy both organic and vintage (in other words, sustainable!) clothing. Happy shopping! 1. Nasty Gal             2. Lulu’s 3. Asos 4. Urban Outfitters (select… Continue reading

Beauty Meets Green: 5 Ingredient lip balm

This post was inspired by two events. 1. Breakfast in Vegas. Last weekend in Vegas, I may have stolen borrowed used up 4 mini jars of jelly from the bellagio breakfast table.  And not… Continue reading

1/23 Thoughts on a Thursdaze

1.  The morning after a day of Vegas drinking. 2. After a long day of airplane delays and traffic. 3. When I wake up and realize I slept 10 hours. 4. How people… Continue reading

Beauty Meets Green: Eco Friendly Beauty Finds

Beauty Meets Green: Eco Friendly Beauty Finds by martasjohnson featuring Korres